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Converting GPS coordinates from photo EXIF to decimal values

The GPS coordinates output from the ImageMagick command:

identify -verbose 20180614_165438.jpg

looks like:

exif:GPSLatitude: 33/1, 11/1, 590272/10000
exif:GPSLatitudeRef: N
exif:GPSLongitude: 80/1, 1/1, 9195/10000
exif:GPSLongitudeRef: W

I needed to convert that to decimal latitude and longitude so I could look it up on Google Maps. Using the information from this StackExchange GIS question I created a Google spreadsheet. It adds the minutes and seconds to the degrees using the formulas below.


The hyperlink formula in cell F2 took a little while to figure out especially that ampersand after cell D2.

Written on Jun 15, 2018.