How to create a Chrome extension on a Chromebook for a custom URL pinned application

  • Open Chrome on your Chromebook
  • Ctrl-o to open the File Manager
  • Ctrl-e to create a new folder inside the Downloads folder
  • Name your new folder something meaningful
  • Close the File Manager
  • In chrome go to
  • Copy and paste the JSON text below into Edit Pad.
      "name": "#chswx on Twitter",
      "description": "Charleston Tri-County area weather on Twitter",
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "manifest_version": 2,
      "icons": {
        "128": "twitter.png"
      "app": {
        "launch": {
         "web_url": ""
  • Modify the name, description, icons and web_url to your liking.
  • Click the Download & Save button.
  • Ctrl-o to open the File Manager
  • Drag the text.txt to the folder you created inside the Downloads folder.
  • Rename text.txt to manifest.json by clicking on text.txt and pressing Ctrl-Enter.
  • Close the File Manager
  • Go find an icon for your extension. I use
  • Download the image and move it to the sub-folder you created in the Downloads folder. The name of the image should match the icons.128 entry in the manifest.json file.
  • Close the File Manager
  • Open the Chrome settings menu by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of Chrome.
  • From the settings menu click More tools and then Extensions.
  • At the top of the Extensions page make sure the Developer mode checkbox is checked.
  • Click the Load unpacked extension... button.
  • Select your folder you put the manifest.json file and icon in.
  • Click the Open button.
  • You should see the extension listed on the Extension page.
  • Click Details on your new extension.
  • Change Open in a tab to Open as window if desired.
  • Click the Pin to shelf button.

You should see the pinned application now. You can also search for the application via the Launcher search.